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Principal Testimonial

Montello Primary School

This is a testimonial about the work Motov8 does in schools from the Principal of Montello Primary School in Burnie, Tasmania.

Student & Staff Feedback

Parkhills Secondary College

Here’s some student and staff feedback from PSC (Parkhill¬†Secondary College) in Burnie, Tasmania.

Parent & Son Testimonial

Motov8ing Boys Attendee

A video testimonial from a parent and son who attended our Motov8ing Boys event.
montello primary school

Shannon Wollarczuk

Grade 5/6 teacher
Montello Primary Secondary School

Motov8 made a huge impact on the boys and staff at our school, we all took away lots of the messages you gave us and we look forward having you back.

Josh – Student

Bendigo South East College

I have never understood where my anger has come from until today.

Ryan Smith

Fleetwood Primary School

Rev speaks in a way that is really easy to understand.

Darren Nights

Student, Year 7
Parklands High School

Hey. My names Darren and Im 13 years old. You visited parklands today. Your awesome and your story has inspired me to do ride a motorcycle since I was 6 but haven’t even touched one. It would be great when I’m of age and get a bike to ride with a legend like you.

Liam Avery

Student, Year 11
St Pauls College

You’re an absolute legend mate, thanks for the presentation today. What you said has motov8ed me to do better in school and also out in the real world, I cannot thank you enough for the stories you shared today because I can relate with them in my own life. Thanks to you now I’ll remember to grab life by the bars and go for it.

Brownie Liam

You’re the best inspiration for us young ones, you have changed my life dude! Thank¬†you!!!!

Equire about our seminars and workshops

Enquire about our seminars and workshops

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