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Seminar: The Ride of Life

In this seminar, John shares his journey from being a troubled teen with no self-confidence to an in-demand youth specialist who speaks to thousands of young people across Australia each year.

This presentation is a combination of both personal story and proven techniques and principles from motorcycle racing that can help young people stay on track in life.

The Ride of Life will grab your young people’s attention from start to finish and leave them with something to really think about in regards to the direction their lives are going in. This presentation can be tailored to work with Gr5/6 or Yr 7/12’s boys and can be run in large, medium or small group settings.

Seminar: Raging Bull

This seminar addresses the topic of male anger and teaches practical proven strategies to help empower young people to own and express their anger in ways that have much better outcomes for their mental health.

Boy’s are mostly visual in their learning so we’ve put together a presentation that has a great mix of images, clips and information to help them really take on board what we now understand about how boys express their anger best.

This presentation can be tailored to work with Gr6 – Yr 9’s boys and can be run in medium, small and or in a one on one format.

Seminar: Recalibr8

This is a confronting seminar aimed at helping young people to reset themselves for different outcomes on life especially transitions into VCE, VCAL or exiting school for uni or trade school.

Recalibr8 teaches them how to read what’s going on their lives & identify where the changes need to take place in order to recalibr8 their thinking.

This presentation can be tailored to work with Yr 7/12’s boys and can be run in medium or small group settings.

Anticipated Results

Our outcomes are taken from data collected from a combination of teachers, students and parents of students. If you want to customise your own Motov8 experience then please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us through an email and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request.

  • Greater ability to make smarter choices
  • Greater ability to self reflect
  • Greater sense of personnel empowerment
  • Greater sense of connectedness to the school
  • Greater conflict resolution skills.
  • Greater respect for themselves

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