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Motivational Talks with Rev

Motov8 director John “The Rev” McMahon is an experienced motivational speaker with a truly unique communication style. His talks in schools, sporting clubs, community groups and businesses are highly inspirational and his services are in high demand.

The next time your looking for an inspirational speaker for an assembly, sports function or business breakfast look no further than “The Rev” himself to deliver a truly motov8ing message.

Be Inspired

Looking for an inspiring speaker for a special event such as a business breakfast, conference, seminar or other function then look no further. Motov8’s John “The Rev” McMahon. John is a highly competent presenter who has a wide range of experience speaking in many different settings. John has great motivational message and a truly unique way of connecting and engaging with his audience, his talks are very inspiring and highly thought provoking to listen to. If you’re after a speaker for an event that will genuinely inspire and motivate your audience then why not enquire below today.

To enquire about booking John for a motivational talk please click here

Anticipated Results

Our outcomes are taken from data collected from a combination of teachers, students and parents of students. If you want to customise your own Motov8 experience then please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us through an email and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request.

  • Greater ability to make smarter choices
  • Greater ability to self reflect
  • Greater sense of personnel empowerment
  • Greater sense of connectedness to the school
  • Greater conflict resolution skills.
  • Greater respect for themselves

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