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Life Coaching with 'The Rev'

Often all it takes is for someone else to say the same thing you’ve already said for the penny to drop and for change to happen. So STOP beating yourself up & ask for some help.

1) Motov8 1Up $300
This a single coaching session that’s particularly good for situations where parents aren’t sure they can get their son or daughter to commit to one of our longer programs. If you decide to continue on after this session the cost will be deducted from the cost of the program you then choose to go with.

2) Motov8 6 Pack – $1,500
This is our most popular coaching program and sees great results for those that commit to it. This program includes 6 coaching sessions that are run either weekly or fortnightly and is perfect for young people that know they need to make some changes and are up for the challenge.

3) Motov8 VIP program – $3,000
This program has the 6 coaching sessions over the 6 or 12 weeks, but in addition to this, we then include 6 accountability sessions over the following 6 months. This is particularly good for young athletes or individuals that have some very clear goals that they would like to achieve.

Note: Our life coaching sessions are based out of our NarreWarren office which is located in the Casey Corporate Centre Level 1, 58-60 Victor Crescent, NarreWarren VIC. If our location is a problem for you please get in touch as we also have a mobile service available.

Life Coaching is about

Our outcomes are taken from data collected from a combination of teachers, students and parents of students. If you want to customise your own Motov8 experience then please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us through an email and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request.

  • Making That Initial Connection With The Individual
  • Establishing Trust So That They Feel Like They Can Be Open
  • Understanding and Identifying The Rhythms That Have Brought Them To The Place They're At
  • Exposing The Individual to a Different Perspective on Their Situation
  • Developing Agreed Goals to Work On
  • Accountability and Outcomes

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