Motov8 offers presentations that are down to earth, easy for students to understand and apply in everyday life situations. Motov8 provides students with simple strategies through principles, analogies and stories from motorcycle racing and current teen issues, that will work for them in school, at home and out in their different social settings.

Motov8 raging bull workshop grade 6 boys

Motov8 year 7 workshop

Our mission is to help people young people to stay on track and therefore in our presentations we don’t seek to hype kids up with gimmicks but rather give them clear specific examples that they can draw upon for overcoming the obstacles that life may throw at them.

Motov8 presentations are interactive and use a full range of multimedia, they are designed with most learning styles in mind and relate to students between Gr6 – Yr12. They will engage high achievers right through to those who are more disengaged or on the fringe of the school community.

Motov8 is also available individual or small group life coaching sessions and is available to consult on issues surrounding student well being, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.