Raging Bull workshop – Feb 12th

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Are you a parent who would like to understand more about male anger so that you can better engage with your son in emotionally charged moments?

My Name is John McMahon and I’m a youth specialist with over 25 years experience in working with young people. I’ve delivered our Raging Bull program to thousands of students in schools across the country and would like to share it with families.  My encouragement to you is to not wait until things are out of control to get help in this area of parenting.  All parents struggle to get their head around this topic so don’t think you’re on you own or that you have failed.

Raging Bull is a seminar that breaks anger down into bite size pieces so that you can really get your head around the topic. On the night we’re going to look at the characteristics of anger – how boys process anger – why they act out and coping strategies that work.

Book here https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/raging-bull-understanding-angry-boys-tickets-42404451857

Get on the phone or Facebook and tell, tag or message a friend to let them know about this event. Spots are limited and the early bird price is definitely worth getting in on.

I look forward to meeting you on the 12th of Feb ready to drill down this interesting and often overbearing subject.