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Feedback from the students at the NarreWarren Community Learning Centre

He Makes you think in a different way and talks to you in a way that makes you feel connected and that he understands you.

The stuff Rev said actually got through to me, I usually avoid any motivational words from adults.

Thank you heaps for opening up my eyes on how to deal with things, you used a lot of heart and courage speaking to us today.

I like how he takes a different approach to mental health.

I personally enjoyed all aspects of the presentation today, it was a real eye opener.

I loved the quote he said about rules without relationship end in rebellion.

I thought today was really good, the stories about bullying have been things that I’ve gone through and the advice was really helpful. Keep on doing what you’re doing it was so inspiring.

Thanks for everything you shared today it was so inspiring, I connected with so much of what you said. It sort of left me speechless.

It just goes to show no matter what gets in your way when you’re younger you can overcome it.

Keep inspiring young people for a long time to come.

The stories you shared were entertaining and inspiring.

I found your presentation truly amazing, thanks for bringing me new hope.

Really well spoken, thank you for sharing your turn around with us.

I took away a very important life lesson from today.

Taught me a lot…legend…you’re really nice…legend

It really made me think about my current situation and who my real friends are.

I learned more about relationships today than ever, I could really relate to the lessons taught.

It was great to hear about another persons life and what he went through and most importantly what he did to change himself.

Today was very interesting, Rev taught me quite a few things that I will try to use in the future.

You talk changed my life, it touched my heart. You’re awesome and great to talk to.

I’ve been going through a lot lately and you inspired me a lot today.

I want to do what you do one day.

I think there was a large variety of for different people with different experiences

I enjoyed the occasional one liner and some of it was quite funny.

I liked the way you explained everything.

I love your motorbike.

I found your speech very motov8ing

I really appreciated your skills with anxiety

I think your story is incredible. I was highly academic until last year when I was diagnosed with a mental illness. I have good people around me now and you have certainly impacted my life for the better. Your words and life experience are inspirational.

I was shocked at your past and how you’ve turned your life around.

I really appreciate you opening up about your past, good luck with your business in the future.

Timbarra College Year 8 Boys Motov8


Feedback from Timbarra College


I thought John was great, he spoke with conviction and was able to relate his points well using some great analogies. I liked how he mentioned the 3 p’s and how you need to speak to parents, professionals as well as peers.

The boys really got a lot out of the day. John spoke really well and the students could relate to him and as a consequence they took seriously what he had to say.


-I thought a lot of what Rev said was true and that it reflected my life well

-He used lots of quotes.

-I loved the stories he told about his childhood

-I like what he said about how to stop getting bullied

-The twisty bits in life are the best bits but also the most dangerous

-It would be great to have Motov8 back as it really does motivate you and cause you to rethink what you’re doing

-It teaches kids about mistakes in life

-The Motov8 day was really good, it helped us with ways to solve things that happen in life and gave us so much we can use in life

-The most interesting thing was that he knew exactly what we were going through and what he was talking about

-I loved learning about how anger is triggered and learning different ways to control it

-It was great learning about how Rev turned his life around

-I liked learning about the different meanings of the word anger

-I loved the analogies between motorcycles and everyday life

-He retold stories about his youth and what he went through

-One of the topics Rev spoke about was anger and that’s something I really struggle with

-It was a fun day and really helpful

-It was very entertaining

-He spoke very confidently and was walking right around the room

-I learned that school isn’t about learning, it’s about learning how to learn

-I really enjoyed listening to the presentations; I found it interesting how he spoke about his childhood and controlling your anger

-I really liked the quotes he told us

-Rev is very useful for kids that are struggling in life

-It was definitely motivating and powerful

-Don’t fixate on people ride your own race

-I thought it was a great new experience for us all

-I loved the way Rev used analogies to detail life

-He said life’s hard so choose your hard

-Schools should get Rev in he’s great at what he does

-It was a very informative day

-The Raging Bull session was very interesting


Motov8 seminar testimonial for Bendigo South East College

Doxa School Bendigo

Motov8 Doxa School

Rev from Motov8 visited our school community twice during 2014 and spent time working with our year 8 and 9 boys. Sometimes our students are difficult to engage in conversation particularly on challenging issues but Rev was able to make a connection straight away. Rev’s story gets young people interested and then he is able to get them to question some of their own thinking. The message is positive and empowering. The feedback from our students was unanimously positive. Thanks again Rev and we will see you in 2015

John Russell
Doxa School Bendigo


Mount Lilydale Mercy College


Feedback from the year 11 students.

Did you feel Rev. John was easy to understand?
-He was engaging & friendly
-Friendly fatherly figure
-He was funny & spoke clearly
-He appealed to our age audience
-Because he related well to the students
-He used humor to make it more understandable
-He was funny
-He spoke with a clear voice
-He was informal & relatable
-He connected so well with us
-He used easy casual language
-Yes he addressed important topics & presented well
-He used a clear & loud voice

What was the most important thing you learned today?
-I learned that it’s possible to change & become a better version of me
-Where you look is where you go every time
-It is possible to find the motivation
-That things get better
-To set goals for myself
-Always look to the future
-There will be twists in life but positivity can help get you through
-Life is a journey with some very twisty bits along the way
-That life isn’t always good & that’s ok
-To keep on trying
-To form good relationships
-Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
-To stick at it through tough times
-Your past shapes your future
-Do what you love & love what you do
-He gave good reasons to help us understand why we’re here
-You can turn your position in life around
-Offering help to those struggling could really turn their life around
-You can make up for the mistakes you’ve made in life

How do you think this seminar can help you in your future?
-To be realistically positive
-Not to narrow my path through negativity
-To maintain a positive attitude
-To remain positive
-To cope with stress better
-To keep going even in the ups & downs
-To help to point me in the right direction
-There were things that we will draw on when we making difficult decisions
-I learned things that can make me more resilient
-To prioritise & concentrate
-It helped me to realize that life’s not perfect it’s what you make of it

Would you like to have Motov8 back again to speak to you?
-Yes because he is really purposeful
-Yes because it engaged me
-Yes because he seemed to have more to offer
-Yes because he had more stories to tell
-Yes to share more laughs together
-Yes to get more motivation
-Yes because I liked his speaking style
-Yes that’s a no brainer
-Yes & I would recommend him for future students
-It was a great session,
-Yes because he kept our attention well & used humor well
-I felt he had lots of very interesting stories
-Best motivational speaker we’ve had all year even though i’m female
-Yes because it was very entertaining
-Because it helps you understand the more about the future that is to come

What other youth related topics do you think Motov8 should address?
-Peer pressure
-Self esteem
-Teen pregnancy
-Mental health
-Drug & alcohol
-Career advice
-Family advice
-Substance abuse

Tasmania District School

Motov8 Tasmania District School

What was the most important thing you learned today & why?

-I learned that there’s always someone who will listen to me.
-How not to get mixed up with the wrong crowd.
-Everyone has the ability to change.
-I learned that trying to be someone you’re not doesn’t get you anywhere.
-How to have a good relationship with my dad.
-Because he spoke clearly, confidently & fluently.
-He spoke clearly & to the whole class.
-He didn’t just speak to one section of the class.
-He really knew what he was talking about.
– I learned that bullying is wrong & that it can really ruin someone’s life.
How do you think this seminar can help you in your future?

-It can help me to get through tough times.
-It will help me how to fix my mistakes.
-Because it taught me to take things slowly.
Would you like to have Motov8 back again to speak to you?

-Yes because he was very inspiring & showed me how to be my best self.
-Yes because I learned lots & it was good to hear.
-People going through things but not alone.
-Yes because it’s always good to talk with someone you can understand.
-Yes because Rev John was awesome.
-Yes because I would like to hear his other presentations.
-Pressure & stress.
What other youth related topics do you think Motov8 should address?

Do you have any suggestions or ideas that Motov8 could take on board for future presentations?

-Rev John was truly an inspiring & impressive guy.
-He is kind of a male role model in being his best self.
-What John went through & how he survived is amazing & I can relate to some of it.
-He’s a truly motivating & impressive guy.


Coldstream Primary School

Coldstream Primary School

Rev nicely connected his two major passions in a powerful presentation, focusing on anger management, life choices and values. The boys were transfixed by his stories from the track and his personal journey from angry young man to polished presenter. The session provided many starting points from which conversations with boys around these themes can begin and be further developed.

Peter Donaldson
Principal-Coldstream Primary School


Hopetoun Secondary College

Can you tell us what “The Ride of Life” was about?

-Motivating people to stay on track in life
-Riding your own race
-The twisty bits in life are the best & the most dangerous
-It was about making good choices in life
-Doing your best in life with what you’ve got
-Teaching people how to live to their full capacity
-Teaching people to do good with their lives
-Motivation to do my best
-It was about making worthwhile decisions in life
-Slow down & think before you do what you do so you know what you’re really doing
-Know what you’re good at & aim to be the best you that you can be
-There are experiences on life that are just like life
-About how to look at life from different angles
-He taught us about the ups & downs in life & how we can overcome them
-How not to give up on what you dream about
What were some of the strategies provided by Motov8 for getting ahead in life?

-Role playing real life situations
-Talk to your chaplain & wellbeing coordinator about stuff that’s bothering you
-Find a mentor or someone that can help me to make progress in life
-He taught us from his experiences to think from a different perspective
-To really just think before you act
-He taught us a way to remember to look from another perspective
-To go to the right people for help
-Stop, think, listen, then act
-He involved the crowd, he was talking with us not at us
What was the most interesting thing you learned from the Motov8 “Ride of Life” seminar?

-He was able to communicate with us as if he was one of us
-Don’t go out too hard too fast in life
-How he changed his life completely around
-How he was in a lot of trouble at school but yet ended up a chaplain
-Hearing about his personal life story & how things changed
-How he used motorcycles to relate life events
-That you can learn something form everyone
-I can’t pick just one thing
-How changing your perspective can make things seem different & challenges easier
-The twisty bits in life are the best but can also be the most dangerous bits
What did you enjoy about the Motov8 seminar?

-It told be things I was missing in my life
-It was interesting & funny
-It really was motivating
-It was fun, I really liked it
-It was interesting to hear & see his story
-The things he was saying were very interesting
-It wasn’t too full on or awkward for me, it was enjoyable
-He was really funny & spoke really well
-He could relate to what teenagers are going through
-Because we left in high spirits
-It was something different
-He spoke about pathways to life
-It was different & I learned lots
-It was a different way at looking at life
-It was spoken from experience
-It was so inspiring
6) What was the best thing about the program?

-We got to see a real life race bike & what it was like to ride on the racetrack
-Some of the crashes
-The images & stories
-He related teaching us stuff to motorbikes & cool stuff
-It was teaching us something but in an enjoyable way
-It was interesting & live
-Getting to sit on his motorbike & listening to him tell us what he went through at school & how he dealt with it
-Getting to sign Rev’s helmet
-Him bringing his motorbike for us to see
-There wasn’t only one good thing, everything was good
-I just liked listening to him & all that he’s been through
-I liked it when he spoke about his life experiences & what he’d been through
-He has actually walked the walk & knows what he’s talking about
-It helps troubled youth
-I got a free wristband & he was very engaging
-Getting to sit on Rev’s motorbike at the end
-He wasn’t just a counselor
-The visual aspects he used
-Seeing him doing laps on the bike at Phillip Island
Would you like further Motov8 presentations at your school?

-Yes I would definitely like to have Motov8 come back to our school
-Would love to hear Motov8 again
-Yes most definitely
-Yes I would like Motov8 to come back but please don’t change a thing
-Yes to refresh & remind us about the things he said
-Yes for a whole school presentation



Drouin Secondary College

Drouin Secondary College

This feedback is from students in yr8 & yr9 who were a part of our Ride of Life seminars.
Did you feel Rev was easy to understand?
-Yes because he likes teaching us & that’s important
-Yes he spoke clearly & loudly
-Because he shared about his life before he shared the program
-Because he spoke well
-Because he worded thing well for me
-Yes I liked that he spoke to me face to face
-Yes cause I relate to his story’s about life
-YES because he spoke very well
-Rev was outgoing, funny & good at what he does
-He had everyone interested from start to end
-Yeh…I’ve never seen my mate shut up for so long
-Yes because he got my attention
-Yes because he listened to us & asked lots of questions
-That guy knows his stuff

What was the most important thing you learned today?
-To keep trying at everything I doing
-How to be myself at my age
-To think about my actions in advance
-To be myself & use what I’m good at to help others & have fun while I’m doing it
-How to stay motivated when I’m not feeling like it
-To look after myself
-To keep trying & never give up
-To stop trying to compete for peoples attention all the time
-To focus on the road ahead & not always on the people next to me
-Try things & stop mopping around
-How not to crash on the track & in life
-Not ride my own ride & not let other control my actions
-It’s MY choice
-To ask people for help if you need it
-How to identify the wrong sorts of people that I’m hanging out with
-To not think out LOUD so often
-Be determined to finish what you start
-To ride at a pace where I can learn
-To hold in some of the things I often just say

How do you think this seminar can help you in your future?
-To have confidence to face my future
-Tools to stay motivated
-To work out what job I can do in the future, a motivator speaker
-To get involved in a community group of some sort
-It’s opened my mind to think differently
-To have a real go in life
-To not be so fragile
-When I do something I love I will remember that day
-When a see a motorbike I’m going to remember the stuff we learned
-To ask people with experience for my help as well as my mates

Would you like to have Motov8 back again to speak to you?
-Yes because they were so inspiring
-Yes because it was fun times
-Yes because he was good to hang with on the day
-To hear that bike again
-Yes because he has more to say that can help
-Yes because Rev is inspirational
-Yes because it was so much better than class
-Yes because he spoke the truth & not the BS we hear so often
-Yes because he actually like talking to us & stuff
-Yes because I think Rev addresses every day common problems
-Yes because it was cool cool
-Yes because Rev is nice
-Yes because he’s mad on the track


Tassie schools tour feedback

This feedback is from some of the year 8 & 9 students that took part in the “Ride of Life” Tassie schools tour.
1) Did you feel Rev was easy to understand?
-Yes because he spoke clearly
-He was easy to understand & he sensed where we are at
-He just was all right
-Rev was so good at explaining what he was saying
-We could relate to what he was saying
-Yes because I could relate to his background
-He broke things down
-Yes because he didn’t speak at us
-He kept us focused on what he was saying the whole time
-So well spoken, we get people in all the time but not like this
-Yes the presentation was interesting so I tuned in
-Yes because it was like he was talking to just me
-Yes because he had Real life experience
-He used very practical language

2) What was the most important thing you learned today & why?
-To never give up & try try try
-To listen to older people as they probably know more than me
-Be specific; don’t listen to everyone or anyone
-Don’t do stupid things
-Anger is a part of life but it needs to be directed
-To spend time with my family especially my dad
-How not to go tropo at people
-Handle my self with respect for others
– I can have a better relationship with my dad
-Not to follow the crowed just because the crowd are there
-I need help to get balance in life
-I can regain control of my anger; it’s never too late
-Encouragement can turn a person’s life around
-Despite the challenges life throws at me I can stay on track
3) Do you think this seminar will help you in your future & if so how?
-It will help me as I now know it’s not me alone that’s going through this stuff
-It will help me to pick better friends for sure
-It’s going to help with my relationships in the future
-It will help me to strengthen my relationships
-It will help me to think about my actions before I commit to them
-I plan to get back on track with the help of others
-I want to do what Rev does for others
-I feel the need to encourage more people with the things Rev said

4) Would you like to have Motov8 back again to speak to you?
-Yes because it was just so different
-Yes I would like more of Rev’s advice
-Yes but can they come every month
-Yes because Rev was a very interesting person
-Yes because it was so inspirational
-Yes because his intentions are really good
-Yes because it was so so so so interesting
-Yes because we all have problems & Rev made that feel normal

5) What other youth related issues do you think Motov8 should address?
-Career advice
-Social media
-Road safety
-Sex, Drugs & Alcohol
-Bulling & Emotions

Staff Feedback – Dimboola Secondary College


Dimboola Secondary College
I managed to survey about 90% of the students that attended the seminar and the response was very overwhelming and extremely positive. Reading the feedback forms indicated that the students were completely engaged and found your seminar extremely interesting. Just about every student surveyed wrote about how the day had a positive impact on them, you should be congratulated for your dynamic and engaging presentation.

The students are still talking about how interesting and fun the day was. I have attached articles from both regional and local media and the school newsletter. Also one of the staff that attended got her year 7 class to do a PMI (positive, negative and interesting) activity on the days seminar. Look forward to finding a way to work with you in the future.

Cheers Lyndon Kuhne.

Lyndon Kuhne
Dimboola Memorial Secondary College


Norwood Secondary College-Ride of Life

Norwood Secondary College