Motov8 seminars and workshops are a great way to provide focused learning on some key youth issues.  All presentations are designed to fit within a 60-80 min block of time, however they can be tailored to suite specific requests.



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This seminar is geared towards helping VCE/VCAL students recognise the significance of the opportunity they have in front of them, allowing them to understand how peers can effectively support each other and giving them reasons to increase their value of disciplined study so they can maximise their potential results.  In P2P we look at the following: 1) What potential actually is and how to identify it within yourself. 2) How to develop and grow your potential to a place of potency. 3) What are the obstacles to unleashing/maximising your potential. 4) How to get back on track when you’ve wasted your potential. 5) The outcomes and results of a truly potent life.



The Ride of Life

The Ride of Life

In this seminar John shares his journey from being a troubled teen with no self confidence to an in demand youth specialist who speaks to thousands of young people across Australia each year. This presentation is a combination of both personal story and proven techniques and principles from motorcycle racing that can help young people stay on track in life. The Ride of Life will grab your young people’s attention from start to finish and leave them with something to really think about in regards to the direction there lives are going in. This presentation can be tailored to work with Gr5/6 or Yr 7/12’s boys and can be run in large, medium or small group settings.



Raging Bull

Raging Bull


This seminar addresses the topic of male anger and teaches practical proven strategies to help empower young people to express their anger in ways that have much better outcomes for their mental health. Boy’s are mostly visual in their learning so we’ve put together a presentation that has a great mix of images, clips and information to help them really take on board what we now understand about how boys express their anger best. This presentation can be tailored to work with Gr6 – Yr 9’s boys and can be run in medium, small and or in a one on one format.



Screw You

Screw U (1)This confronting presentation breaks down the key contributing factors that lead boys to develop and express bad attitudes. In this seminar we teach guys how to arrest, manage and explain their thoughts in order to communicate clearer and be better understood by those in positions of authority.





Is a small group presentation that’s aimed at VCAL students who are struggling to place value on their chosen education pathway. VCAL is often seen as the poor cousin of VCE & this mindset flows through to students & leaves some of them lacking motivation, distracted & bored. This presentation is not a pep talk or a lecture but rather a real life workshop about the perspectives, opinions and attitudes that can make or break a young persons future. We look at a number of key issues that can sabotage the potential of VCAL students & help them to recalibr8 their mindset.







Born Survivors

Born Survivors

One of the biggest killers of young people today is suicide and the latest research shows that talking about suicide will not increase the likelihood of someone attempting it. This is important news as we believe that prevention is the best cure for this trend among Australian young people. Born Survivors is a powerful presentation that we deliver to both girls and boys that teaches what they need to understand in order to recognise the warning signs for themselves or others – how to work through grief and loss of a loved one and how to bounce back to full mental health. This presentation is developed for Yr8’s up, is best run in medium or small groups settings and must be run in conjunction with the well-being team within the school.



Emo Intel

Our emotional intelligence is developed by a number of key contributing factors as we grow up e.g. (Family life, Where we grew up, What community groups we’re part of and what we watched or listened to etc) and this needs to be taken into account when working with young people especially young males. Emo-Intel looks at the way teens interpret the information delivered to them through their life so far and breaks down the thought process that often leads to risk taking, dangerous or just bad behaviour. This presentation can be tailored to work with Yr 7/10 boys and is best run in medium or small group settings.






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