John McMahon aka “The Rev” is the founder and director of Motov8.

John is a youth specialist with a passionate desire to inspire, inform and instruct young people to discover, live and fulfill their dreams.  To help them expand those dreams to be about something bigger than themselves, so that they can add value to their world.  In his presentations  he draws upon stories and experiences from his teenage years, being someone who himself made choices that saw his life go completely of track.  These shared experiences help make a significant connection with his audience and bring them to a place where they’re ready to be informed and instructed.

Why boys?

Because there s a huge need for programs and services for boys that really grabs their attention and addresses some of the more challenging issues they face.  Because the medium we use (motorcycles) is generally a lot more suited to boys, the visual and hands elements of our seminars connect the dots in their minds.

The concept

The idea for starting a motivational service for boys came while John was working with young riders at a MotoGP event in 2009. He was thinking about the principles of racing that the top riders use and realised that they don’t just apply to the race track but that they translate well to everyday life.  Upon returning home he met with a few school principals and community leaders and set about turning the idea into a reality.

Why is John called “The Rev”?

The Rev is a nick name that was given to John as he was a chaplain to MotoGP and loved to ride fast bikes so the nickname was given and has followed him across the country ever since.  The funny thing is that he’s been called Rev for so long now that he often doesn’t answer to John when called it.

Three words that describe The Rev

Passionate, dynamic and engaging

Motivational speaker

The Rev is an in demand presenter who has worked with many organisations across Australia in a wide variety of settings.  Over the years he has developed a unique communication style which takes principles from motorcycle racing and turns them into powerful analogies for life. Motov8 presentations help young people to understand where they might be going wrong with things and shows them how they can make the necessary changes in order to get going again in the right direction.