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Raging Bull-Understanding anger

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Are you a parent who would like to understand more about male anger so that you can better engage with your son in emotionally charged moments? My Name is John McMahon and I’m a youth specialist with over 25 years … Read More

Understanding angry boys

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Parents of boys this one is for you. We’re excited to be launching our parent coaching and small group parent workshops on anger.  Our popular Raging Bull seminar has been adapted for parents and will be a real eye opener … Read More

Ride of Life – Seminar for boys.

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The Ride of Life is a seminar for Boys 11-17 who want to do epic things with their life & are looking for a way to really kick start their dreams and ambition.  The sessions focus on helping young people … Read More

See Motov8/Rev in action

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This is a 20min video from one of our motivational school seminars that has been put together so that parents and professionals who follow Motov8 on Facebook can get a better understanding of what a typical presentation might look a … Read More